Network Infrastructure Solutions and Support

Our experience with network installation and administration in both homogeneous and heterogeneous (multi-operating system) environments can provide you with reliable installation and support of network infrastructure required for an efficient, secure and reliable network in your organization. Whether it is a new network installation or upgrading of an existing network, we can install, integrate and support components such as:
  • Internet Access
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • DNS nameservers
  • DHCP servers
  • Proxy servers
  • File/Print servers
  • Directory servers
If required, we can provide ongoing administration services for your new or updated network. [More details]

 Network Administration

If you're looking to outsource some or all of your IT support, we can help. We can provide network administration services, either on a per call, or, on an on-going basis, whichever is more convenient for your requirements and budget. Our services can include any or all of the following:
  • User account administration
  • Virus software administration
  • Server data backups
  • New software installation
  • Printer installation
We can support either WindowsTM or mixed operating system environments (ie. Windows, LinuxTM, Mac) [More details]

Database Deployment

If you are looking to deploy multi-user database capabilities in your organization, or to update your exisitng database capabilities, we can provide you with the opportunity to use open source solutions which are both robust and cost effective. Whether you are a small or large organization, open source database applications such as MySQL or Postgres, in conjunction with front-end interfaces such as a web browser, or Microsoft AccessTM, provide you with the power and flexability found in expensive, proprietary software solutions, but at a much lower cost.

we can help your organization with:
  • Design of the database
  • Setup of the appropriate Open Source database server
  • Exporting of existing data, if required
  • Selection, design and deployment of appropriate front-end interface
  • Testing and training
[More details]

Desktop Deployment of Linux and Open Source Applications

Although the use of Linux and OSS applications on desktop computers may not be a universal solution for all organizations, it can be a very cost effective and secure solution in many cases. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do my desktop users only use their computers for Internet access and e-mail?
  2. Beyond Internet access and e-mail, do they only access custom application(s) using a web browser?
  3. If they require more functionality than referenced in the above questions, is it only for basic office applications such as word processing and/or spreadsheets?
  4. If they could still run that one or two custom Windows applications used in the organization, could they then run another operating system?
If you can answer yes to any one of the above questions, then your organization could realize significant cost savings using Linux and OSS applications, not only in software licences, but also in hardware costs.

We can help your organization to identify if and where Linux and OSS applications can be implemented on the desktop, and recommend one of several Linux distributions which are optimized for desktop use along with the open source office suite, We can also recommend other Open Source applications which will benefit your organization such as groupware or collaboration programs and even ways in which you can continue to work with your Windows services such as ExchangeTM and SQL Server, if so desired. Finally, we can also recommend how to run that one or two custom Windows applications while moving your desktop computers to Linux.

Based on our recommendations, we can install all software and any hardware necessary to deploy Linux and OSS applications on your desktops. In many cases, clients will find that their existing hardware is more than sufficient, adding to the significant cost savings already being realized.
[More details]

Server Consolidation

Many organizations have multi-server installations which may not be cost effective due to the under-utilization of one or more of these servers. These servers may be file/print servers, web servers, database servers, application servers etc. Consolidation of these individual servers onto a single server using server virtualization can lead to significant cost savings in hardware and administration while still retaining the operating systems and applications being used currently on these servers.

We can help your organization to determine if consolidation of multiple servers is a viable solution for your current server deployment. If so, we can recommend and install hardware and appropriate software to consolidate these servers onto a single server, including migration of applications and data.
[More details]

Wireless Network Installation

Wireless networking can give your organization the advantages of mobile computing and/or the cost savings of not having to hard wire your premises to set up or expand a Local Area Network. Wireless networking can provide access to your network for desktop and notebook computers as well as Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices.

We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a wireless networking solution which is cost effective, flexible and, most importantly, secure.
[More details]

Thin Client/Diskless Workstation Deployment

If your organization is facing replacement of ageing workstation hardware or tired of the costs involved in managing desktop workstations, you should consider deploying a thin client or diskless workstation solution. This solution can be combined with a desktop Linux solution to maximize savings in hardware and software. Schools, libraries and training organizations are ideal candidates for a thin client workstation solution, but any organization which can benefit from running Linux and Open Source applications on their desktop computers can also take advantage of this solution.

We can deploy a thin client/diskless workstation solution in your organization by utilizing existing desktop workstation hardware or by using new hardware costing far less than normal desktop workstations. Combining this savings in hardware with use of Open Source Software, you can realize a significant reduction in capital spending along with Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) of your desktop workstations.
[More details]


We are dedicated to the concept that the benefits of IT solutions are only fully realized with proper training of both IT personnel and end users. Thus, CDB Computer Services can provide training on Linux and Open Source applications which is customized to suite both your IT personnel and your non-technical personnel.

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