CDB Computer Services is authorized to distribute or resell the following products:

We are an Authorized Partner for Novell and can provide Novell Linux solutions such as:

- Nterprise Linux Services
- Ximian Enterprise Linux Solutions

as well as other products offered through Novell PartnerNet Authorized Partners. For more information on Novell Linux solutions, please visit the Novell web site.

We are a Community Distributor for CD's of the Open Source office suite,, which can be installed on the following platforms:

Microsoft Windows 9x, ME, 2000, XP
Sun Solaris
Mac OS X

For more information on, please visit the web site.

We are a Value Added Reseller for the Xandros Desktop Linux Operating System, a Linux desktop system which can be used in both the home and business environments and provides compatibility with MS Windows. Xandros desktop is available in two editions, a Standard edition and a Deluxe edition which can be installed on a Windows XP computer and also allow the use of popular Windows productivity software.

For more information on Xandros Desktop, please visit the Xandros web site.

We are a Reseller for Netraverse's Windows on Linux products, Win4Lin and Win4Lin Terminal Server. Win4Lin allows Linux users to run popular Windows programs directly on their Linux desktops without the need for dual booting to Windows on their system. Win4Lin Terminal Server allows the deployment of Windows application services to Linux desktops across a network from a central Linux server, thus allowing centralized management of Windows applications on a network. For more information on these products, please visit the Netraverse web site.

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